Zentro Academy’s Policies

Membership / Insurance 

It is compulsory for all Zentro Academy members, including  Taekwondo ,Hapkido, Kumdo and private and/or general class students, to hold membership/insurance coverage. The membership / insurance fee is paid annully.

Trademarks of Zentro and its affiliates

Class Payments

Zentro Academy uses the company Integrapay to facilitate the Direct Debit Service Agreements for all members. A Member monthly payment will be debited electronically on the members preferred date, which will be specified on the Direct Debit Service agreement (INTEGRAPAY) for the member. If a members bank account details from which the account is debited needs to be changed, the member (or parent) is required to fill out a Change of Account Details Form according to the Integrapay companys agreement. All agreed payments for classes are due regardless of a members attendance.

Holidays and Closure

Zentro Academys scheduled general classes operate throughout the year (with the exception of the Christmas / New Year week and all recognised Australian public holidays). If a scheduled class is occasionally cancelled, (eg due to other school use), all students will be advised in advance via the ZENTRO Academy Monthly Newsletter. Those classes occasionally cancelled will not be cause for reduction in students monthly fees. (Refer to make up lesson policy below).

Make Up Lessons

Any class/es not attended by the Zentro member due to illness, injury or occasional special events may be made up within 30 days of the class. There are no refunds for missed classes.

Membership Cancellation

If a Zentro Academy members account needs to be cancelled or put on hold, the member is to communicate directly with the instructor either by way of a written letter or email. Phone messages / phone calls/ text messages will not be accepted by the instructor/s to authorise change to the members Direct Debit Service agreement. Members must give two weeks notice, otherwise direct debit payment will be charged for the month coming up.

Membership/insurance fees are non-refundable.

Grading Belt Test

Zentro Academy has belt promotion gradings every four months. The belt test form will be given to those students who the instructor considers ready for advancement. The student (or students parent/ guardian) is required to fill out the grading form and return to the instructor along with the grading fee and the students individual grading book.

Suspension and cancellation of Membership

ZENTRO Academy reserves the right to refuse or dismiss a member on the basis of his/her conduct, attendance, and financial incapacity.